Lazy JS Ranch

Reference Sires

LJSR Poco Hook

Foaled:  1996                                                                                                                            Red Roan Stallion

Fancy Red Bark
Red Cedar Bark Fancy Roan Bar
Jenny Lee Bark
Susie Bell Bar Roan Bar
Frankie Baker
Tee Jays Poco Lady Tee Jays Dream Tee Jay Tommy
Belle's Dream
Miss Poco Ray Star Eagle's Hand
Lady Starville

Great looking bay roan stallion that goes back to Fancy Roan Bar and Tee Jay Tommy. He was successfully used for team roping before we bought him back. His offspring are gorgeous. They have great heads and huge hips. They have been really great to halter break and have been doing well in the team roping pen. Most notably, Kevin Rahn’s, CA Roan Talon “Cactus”, who he qualified on for the 2016 World Series of Team Roping in Las Vegas.


PJs Jessie Bueno

Foaled:  1997                                                                                                                             Dun Stallion

Sweet Sandy Tivio
Jessie Tivio
Poco Tivio
Jessies Honeydew
Whites Sweet Chex
Sweet Sandy Cue
Miss Paula Chex
Jessies Smooth
Collins Jessie
Jessie James
Cozy McCue
Wana Smooth Spirit
Jet Spirit
Wana Clinton

JJB has been a great sire for us over the years. He goes back to the immortal cow horse sire, Poco Tivio, on the top, and the reserve world champion cutting horse, Jessie James on the bottom. Splash in a little speed on the bottom with Jet Smooth and you have a recipe for colts that can do anything. He sires good foot and bone,
and most importantly a great mind. We hear from customers that have purchased colts by JB and they rave about how trainable they are.


LJSR Emperor

Foaled:  2003                                                                                                                                 Black Stallion

Hayden Wano
The Flying Saint Bob Bardee
Dusty Nell
Tondalayo Two Lobo Roper
Bar Pat Stars Gwen Mr. Bar Pat Star Mr. Sand Bar
Bell Pat Star
Sputnik's Gwen Sputnik I
Scooter 96 Bar

Super athletic grandson of The Flying Saint. The Saint was a grand champion at halter and a race winner. He sired World Show qualifiers, ROMs, a Justin Rookie of the Year, and Solid Gold Barrel Race winners. Emperor’s dam was one of the best producers we purchased from Stearn’s Quarter Horses. She was an own daughter of AQHA Champion Mr Bar Pat Star who goes back to the great Oklahoma Star. Emperor’s colts have big hips, pretty heads, and are extremely correct with a very trainable mind.


LJSR Sterling Roan

Foaled:  2005                                                                                                                                Red Roan Stallion

Fancy Red Bark
Red Cedar Bark Fancy Roan Bar
Jenny Lee Bark
Susie Bell Bar Roan Bar
Frankie Baker

Froehlichs McBerry

McKeag Joe Quincy
Baby Snooks Bar
Real Cackleberry Real Baron Jack
Cackleberry Bars

We have found several mares that cross with Sterling exceptionally well. Long legs, keen heads, packed with muscle, these foals will get you noticed. Nada used Karat (3 yrs) for a Clinton Anderson Clinic last August and she behaved better than most of the seasoned horses there!


RC Calcetas

Foaled:  2007                                                        Black Stallion

Redford Continental Continental Zipper The Continental
Sonny Dee Zip
Redfords Music Rob Redford
Cody Music

Blue Chantrieri

Leo Hancock Hayes Blue Valentine
Doll 01
Tacca Chantrieri Whizz Blitz
Miss Go Black

RC is doing exactly what we hoped he would; adding some size and power packing hips. His colts also seem to have his superior dispositions.





Fancy Red Bark

Red Bark was sold at our 2004 sale, but we have many of his daughters and Poco Hook is the son who replaced him.  Red Bark is now at home in Nebraska, but his legacy lives on in North Dakota!

Red Bark Head.jpg (723449 bytes)

Foaled:  1985                                                                                                                             Red Roan Stallion

Red Cedar Bark
Fancy Roan Bar
Roan Bar
Fancy Baker 2
Jenny Lee Bark
Cedar Bark
Jenny Lee Bar
Susie Bell Bar
Roan Bar
Barnothing Springer
Barmaid Reeves
Frankie Baker
Tom Baker
Honey Webb

Linebred Roan Bar and Tom Baker - both highly respected foundation Quarter Horse stallions. Red Bark passes on his beautiful head and kind disposition to his foals. He has produced many outstanding broodmares. randdaughter O Little Lena was 2004 World Show qualified in heeling. One of the great ones from legendary horseman, Art Reeves.


Hayden Wano

HaydenSaddled.jpg (1039598 bytes)

Foaled:  1985                                                                                                                                 Black Stallion

The Flying Saint
Bob Bardee
St. Bar D.
Manassa Bobbie
Dusty Nell
Chicaro Bill
Pink Nell
Tondalayo Two
Lobo Roper
Roper Boy
Miss Chinch Bug
Star Beggar N.

Son of The Flying Saint, race winner and Grand Champion at halter. Full sister is a superior western pleasure horse, R.O.M. and Justin Rookie of the Year winner and the dam of Double T Blue Chip, Youth Performance Champion and Nationally Qualified in several events including Western Riding and Trail. Half brothers placed at the Oregon and California Snaffle Bit Futurities.


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